Meet the Steeles

“After business school, I ran a nutrition store in Iowa City, IA and was intrigued by the ability to help people through nutritional guidance and supplementation. It was hard for me to keep that job because of the company’s corporate infrastructure that made it hard for me to give back to the community and go to charity events that were for reasons other than making sales.I did that for a year and left on my own terms only to move to Des Moines, IA and begin working for a large banking company. Here I met Faith at the local Gold’s gym, and we began dating. A few months into the relationship Faith’s job was transferred out to PA to work with the Amish and continue growing their company (she worked in livestock nutrition). I was able to get my job transferred a few months after she moved to PA and we resided in Harrisburg.
While in Harrisburg we both came to the realization that we were not made for the corporate world, that we had a vision/drive to do something bigger and on our own terms. Since I moved to PA I would always reference the store I ran in Iowa City, so Faith proposed an idea of starting our own company out here in PA. I kept resisting saying that we didn’t have money, resources, time, etc…… Until one day I sat in my company’s parking lot for over 25 minutes just trying to get the motivation to get out of my car and walk through the building doors. I knew right there and then I was going 100% in on the supplement store idea.
Fast forward 5 months later and we are in West Chester, PA doing demo work on the unit we are currently located at. It was a crazy ride to get here but we both wake up each day with a smile knowing we are doing what we love and more so helping out our community.”     - Tavish Steele

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