What better way to start your week than LEGS!? Whilst everyone else is trying to find a bench I’m over here giving myself hemorrhoids trying to beat the log book from previous leg day. Ditch the tank and grab your man panties for leg day:

Pre workout meal:

1 cup egg whites

1 scoop Rule 1 Isolate

⅓ cup cream of rice (dry measure)

1 bagel

INTRA workout protocol:

2 scoops Super Carb

1.5 scoops Intra Blast

1 scoop Nitr-Ox

10g Creatine Monohydrate

1 tsp Sea Salt

Warm Up: 5 minutes of stationary bike with light stretching after wards



NOTE: * = 6-8 rep max set and ** = 8-10 rep max set

Leg Extensions: 3 sets of 20 for warming up quads and knees

***ALL sets are done with a 3 second negative during this workout***

Hammer Strength Hack Squat

3 warm ups

455 x 9*

365 x 12**

Smith Machine Squat

3 warm ups

365 x 6*

315 x 9**

→ Had real bad tightness in my left IT band and hip on these so didn’t try and push things too much, a hard reminder to stretch more everyday and foam roll before workout

Leg Press (Wide Stance)

3 warm sets

10 plates a side x 13, 10

→ 2 min rest in between these 2 sets

6 plates a side x 20

Seated Leg curl

3 warm up sets

190 x 10*

160 x 9**


135 x 3 sets of 15

→ I didn’t try and go balls out on these since I haven’t done them in a while and was more so looking to just stretch hamstrings after seated curls

Nothing impressive as far as numbers go but it’s a start, been about 4 weeks since I’ve logged workouts so feeling excited again (finally) to train and see what I can do every week as far as strength and reps go. Definitely have my pump back so that’s a huge plus, need to focus on active recovery between workouts and stretch more often; feeling like a damn snare drum sometimes during these workouts!