Legs | 03.05.2018

Still dealing with a sinus cold right now, so I was nervous I wasn’t going to hit my numbers today during training. It was a busy ass weekend too with little sleep, so had to throw in some crack powder today with the pre-workout :)


1 scoop Super Carb by Nutrabio

2 scoops Stampeded Untamed by Project A.D.

1 scoop Nitr-Ox by Project A.D.

Intra-Workout Shake

3 scoops Super Carb by Nutrabio

2 scoops Intra Blast by Nutrabio

1 scoop Nitr-Ox by Project A.D.

1 tsp Sea Salt

45oz water

5 min warm up on the stationary bike whilst listening to dubstep music



Seated Leg Curl

3 warm up sets

190 x 15* (3 second negative with each rep)

210 x 8** ( 3 second negative with each rep)

***this last set was followed by 3 drop sets of:

170 x 8

130 x 8

90  x 15

130 x 20 partials

**3 sets of leg extensions 20-25 reps each to warm up quads**

Hack Squat

3 warm up sets

455 x 10*

405 x 12**

***follow this set with 2 drop sets of:

315 x 10

225 x 10 (10 second iso hold after last rep)

NOTE: the gym I used has the updated Hammer Strength Hack Squat where the pad sits at your hips instead of your shoulders so I take a stance where the pad sits in my mid back and I can lean back into and isolate the quads better.

Smith Machine Squats

3 warm up sets

405 x 10*

455 x 6**

NOTE: Before you start talking shit about using a Smith Machine I’ve found doing these produce way more growth and less injury/aches than regular barbell squats. I set my feet out a little in front of me and do all reps with controlled negative and explode on the way up.

Leg press

superset with

Bodyweight lunges

Leg press- worked up to 8 plates a side for 2 working sets of 15 reps each and lunges were 8 reps each leg; I was smoked after this.

Notice I followed the log book for this workout; still pushing weights and reps for probably the next 2 weeks before I take a 2 week deload. Too many times I’ve just kept pushing without taking breaks and it’s severely hindered my progress with strength and muscle growth…..1 step back 2 steps forward type deal.