CHEST & DELTS | 03.26.18

Ahhhh the best day of the week for all my gym bro’s out there! International chest day! I normally reserve this workout for later in the week to avoid complications with every piece of chest equipment being taken but I am changing my training split up a tad so include extra back and delt work during the week. I’ve also noticed that it’s time to diet, so stay tuned for that; more than likely will push my weight/size up through end of April then start 12 week diet beginning of May.

Intra Workout:

3 scoops Super Carb

2 scoops Nitr-Ox

1.5 scoops Intra Blast

45oz water

***Warm up with rotator cuff exercises and pushups***

NOTE: weights with ‘ * ‘ next to it means it is your max effort set of 6-8 reps while the ‘ ** ‘ refers to the backoff set (lower max weight by 20%) of 8-10 reps

Free Motion Cable Press

3 warm ups

160 x 8*

130 x 8**

→ follow this set with a double drop set

Flat Smith Bench

2 warm ups

275 x 8,6

→ Finished with 225 for as many reps as possible. Yes I know I use the Smith Machine, call me a pussy but I feel way better pumps/contractions using this than I ever have doing a barbell flat press. Not to mention most of everyone I have seen flat bench do it horribly wrong so with using a fixed axis for this press its 1) easier on my joints and 2) much better at inducing growth for me (NOTE: look how I said “for me”....meaning it’s not for everyone; find what works for you and run with it)

Pec Dec

3 x 10

→ for this find a max weight and do 3 sets with a 2 second pause at the bottom of the movement and 1 second pause when you bring the handles together.

Free Motion Cable Fly

  superset with

Decline Cable Presses

3 x 8 for each exercise

---> I went back to the same machine I used at beginning of the workout and went from flys right into presses, just focus on filling my chest up with as much blood as possible here.

Dumbbell Side Laterals

 superset with

Barbell Upright Row

2 warm ups

4 working sets of 10 reps each exercise

→ I just started incorporating upright rows back into my workouts and notice when I do them immediately right after side laterals I get a huuuuuge pump in my delts. I don’t go crazy heavy with the upright rows but enough to where I completely fail at 10 reps

Cable Rear Laterals

1 warm up

5 sets of 12-15

---> this is where you stand in front of the cable crossover machine and grab each cable attachment (without the handles) and bring across your body to target your rear delts. I just did moderate weight and only rested 30 seconds in between each of my 5 sets.

Smith Machine Military Presses

  superset with

Standing plate front raises

2 warm up sets

275 x 6*

225 x 8**

→ after every set (including warm ups) I did standing front raises with a 25lb plate for 15 reps.

Still not really following my numbers with the log book so to say but trying to strive for heavy weights in the major lifts. I’m still sore from last weeks back workout so definitely need to focus on getting my recovery back on track before I start really pushing these next few weeks until I diet down in May.