CHEST & DELTS | 03.09.18

I can tell this will be my last week forcing the log book and beating numbers before taking a deload, more than likely will take most of all next week off to recover and give my body a break. Haven’t taken an actual “break” from gym or diet since August of last year, so given that its been 6 months I’m due for some R&R. I wasn’t able to train at the normal gym I do chest at due to bad weather, so had to improvise for this one!

Intra Workout Protocol: 3 scoops Super Carb + 2 scoops Intra Blast + 1 scoop Nitr-Ox

Incline Barbell Press:

3 warm ups

315 x 6*

275 x 8**

→ Follow this set with a drop set to 225 then 185 then 135

Pec Dec

2 warm ups

200 x 12, 6**

**this was a Rest Pause set, where I go to failure then take 15 deep breaths then go to failure again

→ Follow this set with a double drop set

Machine Press Neutral Grip

2 warm ups

200 x 8*

160 x 8**

→ follow this set with a double drop set

Cable Crossovers

4 x 15-20

***just pick one weight for these and only take 30 seconds break in between sets and focus on filling the chest with as much blood as possible

DB Rear Delt Raises

2-3 warm ups

5 x 10 → for these pick a moderately heavy weight and crank out 5 sets of 10 reps with only 30 seconds rest in between each set; by the 4th set your rear delts will be on fire.


Cable Side Laterals

DB Side Laterals   → do 3 sets of 10 with same weight

DB Side Partials

Machine Shoulder Press

  Superset with

Plate Front Raises   

2 warm ups

3 working sets of 10-12 reps

***for the working sets I maxed out the weight stack on the machine and used a 35lb plate for the front raises.