BACK/CALVES | 03.28.18

I can’t tell if its stress, lack of sleep or just me needing to diet but there was little to no pump today and strength was a struggle. Working on getting that mini diet that I talked about last time set up and finally going so in about 4 weeks I can lose some weight and regain that insulin sensitivity back. Here’s what went down today:

INTRA workout:

1 scoop Super Carb

1 scoop Nitr-Ox

1 Scoop Intra Blast

1 tsp Sea Salt

Warm up: 3 sets of standing cable pullovers for 15-20 reps

Meadows Row (using T-Bar row)

2 warm ups

3 plates x 2 sets of 8

***last set followed with a double drop set

Chest Padded T-Bar Row

3 warm ups

3 plates + 25lb x 2 sets of 8

**last set followed with a double drop set

1 Arm Supinated Pulldown

3 sets of 10 each arm

→ Be sure to hold the contraction for 1-2 seconds on each rep!

Seated Cable Row

2-3 warm ups

1 max weight of 8 reps

***follow this set with a triple drop set

Seated Calf Raise

2-3 warm ups

3 plates of 5min timed EMOM

Nothing super fancy this time around with the workout; I was just tired the entire time, plus no pump makes for just a shitty day. I always rack my brain when there’s no pump and can’t decide if its dehydration, not enough sodium, not enough carbs, I'm too fat etc….. And it takes a minute to get my manic ass to calm down before reaching a conclusion. The conclusion is I need to mini diet hahaha So for those of you out there that are hovering above 12% body fat and are noticing symptoms I would highly suggest you take a look at your diet and nutrition and see if changes need to be made.